Well....that's a turn up for the (hi-fi) books

Some of you will remember about 5-6 years ago I got chatting to this pensioner in the pub. It transpired he loved his music. He said he had a good system and invited me for a listen.

When I told him what I have he said bring my amp round, which I did and gave him a very different flavour.

Yesterday, while shopping in the village, we bumped into each other. First time I've seen him since Covid.

Anyhoo he's possibly looking at upgrading his amp, and he wants me to take my amp around for another listen. He'll text me later this week.

Should be interesting.


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Nov 30, 2022
The KEF R300 really saves the day in this system. Buying matching amp and CD player was very smart too. He must have come across a very knowledgable dealer.


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