Top 5 Blu rays or Dvds of all time for you?

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what about this script for avp3 ?? not my words but might be good..

I want AVP3 to be set far into the future and in space. The
Predators have created an alien farm on a huge spaceship where humans
are bred purely to allow the aliens to breed. However, umknown to the
Predators one of humans is actually a remade Bishop from Aliens. Bishop
works with the humans to escape from the alien farm and flee to a
nearby planet. There follows a massive pursuit where the Predators use
the aliens like dogs to go after the humans. But the Predators are
unable to handle the aliens and they turn on them.

the humans have found that the planet was originally mined by humans
many thousands of years ago and then abandoned. They are able to get
some of the heavy machinery to work, including the loaders most
memorably used by Ripley to wrestle with the alien mother in Aliens. So
now we have a three way battle to take over the planet. I wont spoil
the ending by telling you who wins. There will also be loads of
explosions and gratuitous nudity from the human females.


Top 5 packages for dvd for me are:

ET Universal Blue Box 4 disc edition

Seven double-disc set

Alien Quadrilogy with Alien Head

Wizard Of Oz 3 disc edition

Titanic 4-disc edition