The best 37inch TV?? Any suggestions


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi i am on the verge of buying a new tv. Annoyingly i can only fit in a 32inch or a 37inch tv so whats my best option??

Its mainly gonna be used for freeview HD, my xbox and occasional dvd.

Heres my favorates so far;

Samsung ue37d5520 £480

Samsung ue37d6530 £700 with 2 glasses and DVD

panasonic tx-l37dt30 £720

I would be quite happy with the cheaper samsung 5520. But im worried of input lag, contrast issues and motion tracking and im thinking its worth spending the extra to try to avoid these problems. My limit is around £700 and i want value for money. Any suggestion would be a great help. Many thanks Mark


Go for the Panny.It is a better tv than the samsungs imo. Certainly far better than the Samsung 5 series. I had a look at one in Richers and the picture in 2d and 3d is sublime. If they did it in 42 i would have been very tempted. Have a look at the reviews on the panasonic web site . There are a few links.


Thanks for your reply. I have also been comparing the panny dt30 to the samsung d6530 in 3 different shops and there are advantages to both.

i found the colours impressive but a little too bright on the samsung but the blacks and whites looked very clear.

The panasonc had a more natural colour tone and when watching a rugby clip the colours and detail looked perfect but on the samsung, the green and whites were a bit too overpowering but im sure they can be adjusted.

Think its the panny for me


For any1 interested iv bought the panny of amazon for £741 with 2 glasses and a blue ray player. And i should be able to claim avatar 3d and starwars on blue ray.