Aug 27, 2015

We are just building a covered patio space for parties (roof but no windows). I would like to have some music out there. Wondering the best approach?
  • Would be nice to be able to play the same music across all the systems in the house and outside simultaneously;
  • Needs to be properly weather-proof and something that will last (not plastic bags over speakers etc)
  • We could take speaker cables from the sitting room, through the external wall (however the sitting room doesn’t have a proper hi-fi, only a Naim Muso 1)

Other hifi equipment in the house
  • Naim Muso in the sitting room (nearest room) which we use like a soundbar for occasional TV usage
  • We have a Naim UnitiQute2 in the kitchen
  • A Naim Atom in the family room
  • an old Arcam hi-fi in the study with great cd sound but also streams off an Alexa dot which is a bit rubbish tbh
Naim don't do outdoor / garden speakers. Any ideas on how to bring it all together


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Sep 17, 2020
I had "Rock Speakers" in the garden which lasted about 10 years and were good enough but when they died replaced with some Apart Mask outdoor speakers which come in various sizes and black or white and I'm very happy with for an outdoor situation. They can easily be taken off their brackets in the winter and stored inside as well.

When you say "Bring It All Together" ... I'm not sure if you meant multiroom it??
If so I'm not familiar with Naim's and if they have any multiroom capability, if not and assuming they have digital / analogue inputs then maybe pick up some WiiM streamers, either the Mini or the Pro depending what your music source is and what quality you'd like to play it back at.

I use them with an amp in a kitchen living area and also in the lounge, the amp there is dual zone, the second of which is wired to the garden speakers and gives seamless music around the house / garden.

If you have any queries let me know.

EDIT: I just had a brief look at the Naim Muso 1 which looks as though it's got Airplay built in, if the other systems do you could use that for multiroom?
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Oct 5, 2012
Heos / Masimo multiroom & Outdoor
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Dec 28, 2019
Hmm.. had a friend who had a stereo install on his patio in a similar fashio to what you mention. This was about 10 years back or maybe more.
It had the horrible effect of slight delay like you get at an outdoor village fayre - "W.would a.all t.those i.interested t.the s.sack r.race c.come t.the s.start l.line f.five m.minutes..."
It sounded bloomin' awful. He was gutted as he had spent quite a lot of money on this and was trying to impress us guests at a BBQ he was hosting. It was OK on the actual patio OR in the house but between the two it was shocking.


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