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Forum discussion tagged with speakers.
  1. L

    Question Weird compare: Wharfedale Diamonds 10.1 vs KEF LSX

    Context: listening to a wide range of music styles, normal size room (of the bed, desk and door variety). Desktop usage mainly, Soundcloud, Spotify. This may sound like a weird one, but after trying out whatever I could find in my area (Stockholm), and ruling out some poorly reviewed options, I...
  2. HonneyZouka

    Can I plug any speakers to a micro HiFi system?

    Dear HiFi community, I got a "vintage" Technics micro HiFi system which I very much like. Model is Technics SC-HD51 Audio systems. The CD Player of this system broke... So I'm looking to buy a new one. I found some "cheap" micro HiFi systems that has CD players doing Bluetooth. Handy. The HiFi...
  3. C

    Question Speakers for Pioneer SA-420

    Hello folks. I have a Pioneer SA-420 from the 1980s, recently serviced, and now I'm on the hunt for good + small bookshelf speakers to match with it. The speakers I have in mind are the System Audio Saxo 5s. The amp lists 21 watts per channel into 8ohms. The speakers have "recommended amplifier...
  4. T

    Speakers on shelf

    I have a question regarding the placement of the speakers on the shelf. I am aware that the speakers place on the stand, but unfortunately this is not an option. So when there is no alternative I wonder what the best way would be to place the speakers on a shelf. They are now fixed with a mass...
  5. M

    Replacement for Bang and Olufsen S45 speakers

    I have a pair of Band and Olufsen S45 speakers on the original lovely speaker stands. They are getting on a bit now and I’d like to replace them with new newer speakers but want to mount them on the same stands. The S45’s are wide and thin, not too deep in dimension like many modern speakers...
  6. D

    Seeking advice on monitors

    Hey, I decided to upgrade my super old PC speakers and wanted something "awesome" within my budget range. As I am a newb at this I figured id ask for help. Budget: 500-700€ Use for: Music, Movies, Games. On the music department most usual genres are - Hip Hop, Dance, House, Rock They will be...
  7. R

    Question Speakers for multipurpose

    I want to find a set of speakers for my computer, but something that can be used for a variety of things. For now, they'll serve mainly as my PC speakers, where I"ll play music through them, and play games occasionally. But, at some point in the future I want to buy a turntable to play records...
  8. MrBee

    Question Car Hifi....Which to get for £600 ish

    Looking to purchase a quality sound system for my car ... Interested in quality not volume. Can you give me 2 possible products of either 4 or 6 speaker systems at around £600 max price. A matching amp if necessary but not loudness quality only. Audio device not required. Please and thanks...
  9. B

    Question Speaker Replacement for M-Audio AV40s

    Hello, my AV40s recently crapped out and was looking high and low for speakers that were powered and about the same size. But looking around I noticed that most good speakers are much larger. I've only managed to find Peachtree M24/25 or Audioengine HD3 to fit. Are there any other speakers I...
  10. D

    Speaker help

    Hi all, Relative novice here. I've been given a cyrus 8 xpd and 8 se2 cd player, and want to get some floor speakers to match it. I was wondering if there's any advice anyone can give? Budget is around a 800-1000 pounds, and I'm happy to consider new or second hand. I've been looking at new...
  11. M

    Question Stand mount or floor standing speakers for 4m x 3.5m room

    I’m moving house soon and will have a bigger listening room. I currently have an awkward room that is 3 x 3.5m but with annoyingly placed door and window so not ideal. Moving into a new house that has a larger room - 4m x 3.5. Only an extra metre but much better layout. So, question is -...
  12. D

    How To JVC JR149 speaker set up

    Hi all, My dad passed away a couple of years ago and I just found a pair of JVC JR149 speakers (pic attached) that belonged to him in my folks attic. I remember they had an amp with them when they were set up years ago. I know the amp looked something like the second attached image (the level...
  13. C

    Question Speaker choice for IsoAcoustic stands

    Hi! I'm looking for a pair of speakers to use in a difficult room. They will have to be on a floorstanding rack as I'm disabled and I will be listening on the floor seated. I have a rack very comfortable at around 53cm high so will be at ear level. I will place them on IsoAcoustic stands or...
  14. H

    Question Which Speakers and SW to buy

    Hi, I am planning to buy Yamaha RX-V685 receiver. I want to build 7.1 setup. I am unsure about which speakers and SW to buy. Which speakers are good for 7.1 setup. I want to have comact one. Should I go for wireless or wired. Which SW. Our use is lot of movies and music and console game. My...
  15. alextsak

    I need advice

    I have 2 of these crossovers: https://www.skroutz.gr/s/18324527/SEC-101-Crossover.html What are some good woofers/tweeters or whatever for a nice and loud stereo setup?
  16. S

    JBL Northridge E60 tweeters are broken, original replacement necessary?

    Hi! I've bought two JBL Northridge E60 towers a few years ago for 50,- euro's alltogether. I realised only later that the tweeters were not producing any sound. A friend of mine had two spare tweeters which we connected and I also have two bookshelf speakers with some more detail, so I was happy...
  17. C

    Pairing ATC SCM11s with Tube Gear (Fisher 400) ?

    After swapping and testing numerous integrated tube amps (the list is long...), I finally settled for a beautiful Fisher 400. The question is now, which speakers??? LS3/5a, JR149, KEF LS50 and ATC SCM11s are receiving rave reviews but these like to be paired with powerful amps. I was wondering...