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  1. MrBee

    Question Car Hifi....Which to get for £600 ish

    Looking to purchase a quality sound system for my car ... Interested in quality not volume. Can you give me 2 possible products of either 4 or 6 speaker systems at around £600 max price. A matching amp if necessary but not loudness quality only. Audio device not required. Please and thanks...
  2. B

    Question Speaker Replacement for M-Audio AV40s

    Hello, my AV40s recently crapped out and was looking high and low for speakers that were powered and about the same size. But looking around I noticed that most good speakers are much larger. I've only managed to find Peachtree M24/25 or Audioengine HD3 to fit. Are there any other speakers I...
  3. D

    Speaker help

    Hi all, Relative novice here. I've been given a cyrus 8 xpd and 8 se2 cd player, and want to get some floor speakers to match it. I was wondering if there's any advice anyone can give? Budget is around a 800-1000 pounds, and I'm happy to consider new or second hand. I've been looking at new...
  4. M

    Question Stand mount or floor standing speakers for 4m x 3.5m room

    I’m moving house soon and will have a bigger listening room. I currently have an awkward room that is 3 x 3.5m but with annoyingly placed door and window so not ideal. Moving into a new house that has a larger room - 4m x 3.5. Only an extra metre but much better layout. So, question is -...
  5. D

    How To JVC JR149 speaker set up

    Hi all, My dad passed away a couple of years ago and I just found a pair of JVC JR149 speakers (pic attached) that belonged to him in my folks attic. I remember they had an amp with them when they were set up years ago. I know the amp looked something like the second attached image (the level...
  6. C

    Question Speaker choice for IsoAcoustic stands

    Hi! I'm looking for a pair of speakers to use in a difficult room. They will have to be on a floorstanding rack as I'm disabled and I will be listening on the floor seated. I have a rack very comfortable at around 53cm high so will be at ear level. I will place them on IsoAcoustic stands or...
  7. H

    Question Which Speakers and SW to buy

    Hi, I am planning to buy Yamaha RX-V685 receiver. I want to build 7.1 setup. I am unsure about which speakers and SW to buy. Which speakers are good for 7.1 setup. I want to have comact one. Should I go for wireless or wired. Which SW. Our use is lot of movies and music and console game. My...
  8. alextsak

    I need advice

    I have 2 of these crossovers: https://www.skroutz.gr/s/18324527/SEC-101-Crossover.html What are some good woofers/tweeters or whatever for a nice and loud stereo setup?
  9. S

    JBL Northridge E60 tweeters are broken, original replacement necessary?

    Hi! I've bought two JBL Northridge E60 towers a few years ago for 50,- euro's alltogether. I realised only later that the tweeters were not producing any sound. A friend of mine had two spare tweeters which we connected and I also have two bookshelf speakers with some more detail, so I was happy...
  10. C

    Pairing ATC SCM11s with Tube Gear (Fisher 400) ?

    After swapping and testing numerous integrated tube amps (the list is long...), I finally settled for a beautiful Fisher 400. The question is now, which speakers??? LS3/5a, JR149, KEF LS50 and ATC SCM11s are receiving rave reviews but these like to be paired with powerful amps. I was wondering...