Replacement for Bang and Olufsen S45 speakers


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Apr 28, 2008
I have a pair of Band and Olufsen S45 speakers on the original lovely speaker stands. They are getting on a bit now and I’d like to replace them with new newer speakers but want to mount them on the same stands. The S45’s are wide and thin, not too deep in dimension like many modern speakers, so wondering what new speakers are around that I could consider. Any help greatly appreciated.
What sort of budget were you thinking of? Because unless you have a large one it is going to be difficult to find modern speakers of the same sort of dimensions and you might be better off selling those speakers along with stands and starting afresh.
They are going for around £400 on eBay.
As far as I can see those stands have an adjustable T-bar, with the top bar being about 7 inches onto which the speakers are bolted. Is this correct?
If so you're going to have issues trying to fit any modern speaker to them.


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