Aug 25, 2020
Hi all,

Relative novice here. I've been given a cyrus 8 xpd and 8 se2 cd player, and want to get some floor speakers to match it. I was wondering if there's any advice anyone can give?

Budget is around a 800-1000 pounds, and I'm happy to consider new or second hand. I've been looking at new dali oberon 7s today, as well as second hand spendor a5s and pmc twenty23 (latter being quite a bit over budget).

Two immediate questions I had were 1) would these be a good match for the system I have, or am I going to need a x power amp to drive these sort of speakers properly, and 2) are there other brands people think I should be taking a look at?

I'd be after a mellow sound, as that suits the music I listen to. I'm certainly no bass hound, and equally I don't want a overly lively uncomfortable listen (which I gather can be a problem with cyrus amps and the wrong speakers?)

I sit 3-4 metre from the speakers, and the room is about 5 metre wide. The closer to the wall the speakers can live, the happier my darling wife will be, so that's on the requirement list too!

Any advice much appreciated.
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