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Oct 22, 2020
I decided to upgrade my super old PC speakers and wanted something "awesome" within my budget range. As I am a newb at this I figured id ask for help.

Budget: 500-700€
Use for: Music, Movies, Games. On the music department most usual genres are - Hip Hop, Dance, House, Rock

They will be used in my man cave (kinda like a square office)
Ideally I want as great sound as possible but also something that packs a punch since the moments I get to be home alone I like to blast music.
I was looking at the KEF Q150s and the Yamaha HS8/HS5 and the Tannoy Gold 7/8 but figured Its best I ask here to people that know since i just dont know and I rather drop this money on something with quality than more logitech speakers or the razer ones.

For the time being I will go with 2 speakers for now or 2 speakers with a sub all depends on what's recommended with current budget I suppose; but I wouldn't be opposed to getting the sub in future and just upgrade slowly as I can.

Thanks in advance


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Apr 30, 2012
Given where I can put them and size of my room I think so :)
The speakers you mentioned are different, some are passive and require an amplifier, the Yamahas are powered monitors, and you only need an audio interface (pre-amp that connects to your PC and acts as a soundcard) to do decoding and control volume. I'd go for the latter, and even though I own the HS7, you might like another type of presentation. So do also consider Adam Audio and I also think you can fit Dynaudio LYD stuff in your budget (I would've gotten those if I had the money, they sound great).

If you find a good deal for black Friday, also consider Kef LSX.

And also consider some form of isolation - ISOacoustics ministands are pretty good, but a bit expensive (maybe you can find a used pair). Lowest budget intermediate solution can be stacked books + some Blue Tak between the books and the speakers.


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Sep 24, 2008
As well as Adam have a look at the KRK range; (They are good with the type of music you mention) however it is best to try a few out first, best to go to a pro music store rather than a Hi-Fi shop as these types of speakers (Near field) are used extensively in studios, plus as most are active and have controls to help match them to their environment, you will not need to buy a separate amp.

Acoustic isolation pads are cheap and will get you going until you have the finances to go for stands like mentioned above.

At a later stage go for a decent computer audio interface to get the best out of them as they come with software to really get the sound as you want.



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May 30, 2015
Worth pointing out that the Yamahas are active speakers, not just powered monitors - a la Audioengine - I'd add Mackie 624/824s, Akai RPM500 or KRK Rokit 5 or 6 depending on your space requirements.

Have to say though, the Tannoy Golds look incredible. That might well be where my money would go. Reviews look positive too.


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