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Fandango Andy

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Thanks for the continued advice. Going to put in an order today. I went to an audio t shop and they didn’t even let me listen to anything or have a look at any really. What he did say is just to get a Rega 1 but that Sonos wont do it justice. My budget can stretch to that. I appreciate all you actually know what you are talking about. But as a novice, is it likely that I would notice the difference between the pro ject and the Rega? If so, I might just go for the latter. My only concern now is whether to get an inbuilt phono. I have read it might be best to get seperate so can upgrade but is that just not necessary either? Thanks!!
The Pro-Ject I mentioned above is a budget player, but better than anything you intend to connect it to for now. I you wish to upgrade in future if/when you have better speaker and amp you can bypass the phono stage and use an inbuilt one on the amp or an external one.


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