Sonos Amp paired with B&W 607s - Question on Wattage

Jun 29, 2020
Hello all,

I can't work this out, I'm obviously missing something.

I bought the Sonos Amp last month because i couldn't figure out a better way of playing records in my living room and extending the sound into my kitchen and back room without wires everywhere, and to be honest it works great and combined with the Sonos One SL's in the other rooms the sound is decent enough, however I need to upgrade the bookshelf speakers wired to the Sonos Amp in the actual living room next.

I've always loved the B&W sound and reading the whathifi review of the Amp it directly recommends the 607's to pair with the Sonos Amp.
I was interested and therefore started doing the research, however:

Sonos Amp:

125W/Ch into 8 ohms

B&W 607's:

Recommended amplifier power 30W - 100W into 8Ω on unclipped programme

Is the Sonos Amp over powdered for the speakers? or does 'recommended amplifier power' mean you can go a bit higher and all will be ok?

My brain hurts.

Many thanks to whoever can helps.

12th Monkey

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Aug 31, 2015
It's better to have an amp more powerful than less - provided you aren't getting any distortion you'll be doing no harm. My amp is around 350wpc rms into my speakers' nominal 6 ohm load, and that's a good way above their recommended band. No issues whatsoever, provided you avoid distortion.
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