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sonos amp

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  1. P

    Sonos Amp to drive B&W 607

    Will Sonos Amp have power enough to drive a pair of B&W 607, which have only 84 dB sensitivity? Or would e.g. Marantz NR1200 be a better choice (in combination with a Sonos Port to access the streaming functions). I have recently sold my Sonos Sub and Sonos Beam (but keep 2 Sonos One for the...
  2. georgegeorgegeorge

    Sonos Amp paired with B&W 607s - Question on Wattage

    Hello all, I can't work this out, I'm obviously missing something. I bought the Sonos Amp last month because i couldn't figure out a better way of playing records in my living room and extending the sound into my kitchen and back room without wires everywhere, and to be honest it works great...