Monitor Audio Silver 200 and Sonos Amp?


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Jan 16, 2021
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I currently stream all of my music from Spotify via various Sonos setups throughout the house. I am thinking of upgrading my current setup in my front room from an Arcam Solo Mini and MS10's which are about 25 years old with a Sonos Connect. I am quite taken with the look of the Monitor Audio Silver 200's in walnut - they would be wife friendly as they would match the rest of the furniture in my room. I have also always wanted a nice pair of floor standers. I am thinking of getting a Sonos Amp to drive them as I don't think the Arcam would have enough power.

The question is would the Amp be a good match with the Monitor Audios? Is there a better Amp I could get that would allow me to stream music from Spotify or maybe Tidal. I also have a couple of 100 CD's that I sometimes listen to and loads of music on a NAS drive but I mainly use Spotify these days as it is easy - it is also easy for the rest of the family to use particularly via Google Assistant. I do like the ability of the Sonos set up to stream the same music or radio to all the rooms in the house but this is not critical in the front room . The room is quite large and contains three sofas and my desk set up as well as a TV

It is a long time since I bothered about hifi having gone down the rabbit holes of watches and bikes but working from home in the front room has brought this back into focus.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. My thanks in advance.