Amp for B&W 705 Signature, approx. 2-4,5 K GBP/EUR

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Nov 16, 2021
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why would he need to find an amp that can drive a 2 ohm load?

because they clearly state a 3.4 3.7 or 3-something load. So id find an amp that can drive 2ohm load, think its pretty good advice, to be honest, hasn't got to be expensive at all but it makes sure it can take them by the horns and control them and what's wrong with that?

Take it or leave it and OP has done the right thing anyhow gone and listened for himself job done no one else can help him/her now it's just personal taste and preference.


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Nov 7, 2012
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Visited the third dealer. Auditioned Marantz PM 12SE, Michi X3 and … Rega Aethos. The dealer advised against Audio Analogue (CC Cento & Puccini) with BW 705S, otherwise considers AA very good.
  • All cabling Chord Company, source Marantz SA 12 SE, so no issues there. Limited number of songs, Petrucciani – Cantabile (Tokyo Live), Hugh Laurie – Kiss of Fire, Eneida Marta – Mindjer Doce Mel, Habib Koite – Summertime at Bamako, Joan Osborne – St. Theresa, The The – Helpline Operator, The Modern Jazz Quartet – Angel’s Eyes.
  • Started with the Marantz: immediately recognized the sound, it is definitely a close relative of my amp, but with more precision, detail and maybe resolution. Imaging, pleasant warmth and details are there as well. Would require a thorough audition to confirm my impressions, at home as well, but think I could swap it for my amplifier.
  • Then came Michi X3. Compared to the Marantz, more neutral, slightly more recessed, with a little bit less of detail/space, but better when the music gets more “congested” and dense (better control). Otherwise, sonically not so different from the Marantz.
  • Then the dealer proposed Rega. No objection, their amps are highly regarded everywhere, the Aethos is compared to the Supernait 3 ... Immediately (compared to the Michi), the piano on Petrucciani was more rounded, pearly, more lively, upfront and so easy to follow the left and right hand. The bass and drums: it was not the question of details, space, impact, they just sounded more natural to me.
  • On Hugh Laurie’s Kiss of Fire, the vocals and the male/female vocal interplay were so much more present and in front of me, on the Michi – they were recessed, as in the second row, not on the stage. Similar on The The’s Helpline Operator and Osborne’s St. Theresa.
  • Still, I think I could imagine any of the 3 amps in my system, they all drive the B&Ws really nicely. I could probably swap mine for any of those.

Conclusions and next steps
  • The Aethos (and Exposure from the 1st session) are now the most interesting amplifiers, but no decision yet. Next step is the Supernait 3, Exposure 3510 preamp and 3510 stereo power amp (or, 3510 mono blocks if I can be convinced they are 1700 euros better ….) and maybe, but really maybe Accuphase E280 (so I have no regrets later). Looking forward to it.
  • One or two of those amps will be available for home demo, with appropriate, but reasonable interconnects and power cables.
  • These sessions helped me visualise the main issue I've had with my amp (Marantz PM 11 S2) - not conspicuous, but a nagging feeling that it gets slightly congested when the music becomes denser, and this session helped me see it clearly, some music via Marantz is sublime, some (less often) – just OK.
  • Before deciding on any of the amps, I will also get the PM 11 and my CD properly cabled and the speakers on their dedicated B&W stands (arriving), audition them thoroughly and take it from there. Any replacement amp will also be tested in the same room, same speakers, same CD player. Interesting January/February ahead.


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