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  1. 90110n

    Using 120W amp with 60W & 80W speakers FOR A ORGAN!

    Look, I get the "can I use amp with higher wattage than speaker" question has been discussed dozens of times with the answer "it doesn't really matter unless you turn up the volume too much" and you're not asking for something ridiculous like running 5W speakers with a 100W amp. However, I'm in...
  2. georgegeorgegeorge

    Sonos Amp paired with B&W 607s - Question on Wattage

    Hello all, I can't work this out, I'm obviously missing something. I bought the Sonos Amp last month because i couldn't figure out a better way of playing records in my living room and extending the sound into my kitchen and back room without wires everywhere, and to be honest it works great...