How very rude of me!


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've just noticed I've been a Forum member for a year and 35 weeks, and although I'm mainly a lurker (17 posts) I haven't formally said 'Hello'!

Where it comes to hi-fi I'm an enthusiastic amateur tempered by the demands of wife and young son - it's rare I get the chance to listen to anything these days, but when I do it's generally headphone orientated. Musical taste is varied!

Whilst generally happy with my current set-up I can honestly say I've never actually heard a well matched set-up so have nothing to aspire to. Having said that I'm trying to convince the decision making unit that a PM6004 is needed to replace the PMA250 SE (purely on the grounds on incremental step-change and that it should complement the CD6003) but so far no joy.

Watch this space.....

toyota man

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Apr 22, 2009
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Hi I never stopped listening to music as my son grew up he is now nearley 23 and has just moved out and we are going to castle donington in june to enjoy our joint love of music . enjoy your son he will grow up very quickley:) :cheers:


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Oct 14, 2007
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LOL, never a MORE true word said....

My wife's parents were both bowlers (father passed four yrs back now :( ... anyway her mom still bowls avidly aged 70+

argh , sidetracked there srry...

There was this old, old lady she must've been around 80 back when my eldest son was around a year and a half old. He's now nearly twenty one years old..... now I kid you not when I say that it seems like only a few years ago he WAS only eighteen months old, my goodness how the time flies..... astionishing !

Hope you find a well matched set-up for yourself mate... music, ahh... ya gotta love it :)


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