what is your favourite operating system


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Dec 16, 2019
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over the last 30 year or so i have most of the windows family ( think all now ) from 1994 Windows 3.1 ( but did have the XT system before that and several non Windows including OS1 ) so all of them the ones i thought was very important to the Computer industry are Windows 95 able to use a CD for recording purposes and Windows 98SE because it was the first system to be able to record on a DVD . The worse without doubt was ME nicknamed the Disease. . Vista terrible system indeed. .
Not a fan of either windows 10 and Windows 11 i find very odd but fast ( unlike windows 10 . Being a reseller back in the day. I have had ( MACS too did not like them ) i have had over 200 Computers plus Amstrad PCWs too BBC Dragon.
What made me angry was Microsoft promising that one they produced would be the very last Windows ever. Think that was either Vista or Windows 8/7 Yet they told a fib . They keep offering a new system every couple of years ( note windows 10 will not be supported after this year folks.
To me it is simply a way of making money as there is no reason why in this day we even need a operating system at all ( the Internet ) Now greed has set in . Com e on guys when is the last operating system ever will it be Windows 30 . Oh yes the new one is not windows 12 they have something up there sleeve here ,for us ( more making money )
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May 28, 2022
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MacOS for me since 2013 after tiring of windows errors and lock ups. I suspect, that current iterations are significantly better but I am now too invested to switch... im not a devotee, however, I use an Android phone!


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Windows 10 is working for me, not perfect but, it is stable and most of the sending information to Microsoft and other undesirable behaviour, can be stopped.

From time to time I think about moving to Linux but, the steep learning curve puts me off.
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After about 15 or more years with MacOS and whatever my iPad runs on, I’d almost forgotten there even was an operating system! The days of Windows, with regular and tortuous updates, plus costly virus programs to instal and run, seem very distant.


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Jul 31, 2023
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Still happy after all these decades, currently with three Windows versions: Win 7 on an Intel NUC, Win 11 on a second Intel NUC, and Win 10 on a Surface Pro. All professional versions, and are running, among many other applications, my favorite music organizer and player, MusicBee, which runs only on Windows.