samsung or samsung plasma??


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Aug 10, 2019
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can anyone advise me which plasma set to get out of the samsung PS42Q96HDX or the PS42Q97HDX?

what hifi sound and vision group tested the 50" and it came out top of the test. usually the smaller the set the better the quality but i notice the pixel level on the 50 is higher than the 42" so is the 42 going to have the better picture?

the 50 would be to large for my living room. and this may seem like a silly question but is the 96 a more up to date version of the 97? i think the 96 is the latest model because the 97 is lower priced everywhere i look than the 96 and has less outputs than the 96 and the 96 is more expensive so presumably the 96 is the latest model.

please dont advise me to purchase neither as the panasonic TH42PX70B-PED is the one to buy in this price range. i have seen the 96 in 50" next to the panasonic in 50" and the samsung picture is better, amongst other reasons.

also do you have to run these plasma sets in for 100 hours with the contrast low and the brightness low etc? also the major issue of burn-in. has anyone had problems with either of these sets playing x box or ps3 or watching sky sports, bbc news, or any other static image burn in etc.

f playing x box etc how long is it reccomended to play for and do you have to use the anti burn in wash system regular after watching the tv for a certain amount of hours etc. any help appreciated.

thanks steve warner

Joe Cox

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May 31, 2007
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To clear up the model number confusion, Samsung is now - somewhat confusingly - releasing certain models exclusively to Dixons at the same time as offering nigh-on identical models to high street on mass.

This is the case here. The PS42Q96HDX is a Dixons exclusive. The PS42Q97HDX is the model that any other dealers will be stocking. We're assured by Samsung that internally these screens are the same, and that in this instance, the only difference is a metal panel on the front of the Dixons exclusive.


thanks for the reply. it seems that people will always get a diference of opinion when dealing with home cinema tv's etc. i have to say,. i have seen the Q96 on display in currys not dixons. having phoned samsung myself, they assured me....incorrectly now i have had your reply that the difference between the two sets is one is glossy in the finish and the other isnt??? i must have got some litttle joe who just answers the phones thinking he knows the answer. also i did ask about the running in of these sets 100 hours etc and screen burn in. one other thing. what hi fi sound and vision stated that the Q97 50" sits on a motorised stand. is this the same for the 42"? would this mean that the stand can be swivelled left to right via the remote control? this is what i have heard. the guy at samsung claims that there is no motorised stand on the samsung set yet it does state so in the group test of the Q50" in june dition of what hi fi sound and vision.

cheers steve