PMC twenty 23 or ProAc D18 or Spendor A6r


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Jan 1, 2013
Hi people, am looking at upgrading my dynaudio dm2/7. Im after a fuller range sound so bigger bass extension, and more detail and dynamism. Long thin shaped room, 3 x 10 x 2.5m , i listen across the width of the room, so the 3m bit. I could get these speakers second hand. I have roksan k3 amp. And listen to most genres, hip hop to jazz, rock to classical.
Any suggestions on which of these 3 might sound best. Has anyone heard more than ok ne set of these speakers and can make a comparison?
Many thanks :)

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Can't comment on the other two as not heard them, but I have PMC 23's. Not gutwrenching bass if that's what you want, but clean. What on other speakers is just a bass note is multiple defined bass notes on these. They won't shake your bones, but it sounds great.

I've just moved on some ProAc 118 Studios, which were nowhere near as good imo (in my room) on a side by side. Although floorstanders vs standmounts is another kettle of fish entirely. Having also had many standmounts through my front room, these underwhelmed me.

Tbh, this will be really hard for anyone to answer this question unless they've tried all three. Even then it will be very subjective.

Good luck in your hunt and I hope you enjoy what you plump for 👍
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