Planar 1 cartridge upgrade


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Apr 30, 2012
Is the goldring e3 an easy setup?
Most of them are almost the same - they use 2 screws on the side, but even a Butterfingers such as myself managed to install several cartridges, so it's not hardcore difficult stuff - search YouTube for some videos, and you'll get a better feel than from reading text. But a very brief description is you balance the tonearm (or remove it), you link the wires, you screw the cart so it stays fixed, but don't tighten the screws, then you set the tracking weight, put the protractor on the platter, lower the tonearm so the needle goes in one of the points, check for alignment, then check the alignment on the other point, and then losen the screws so you can move the cart back or forth so the cantilever is aligned when the stylus touches both the points. After that, you tighten the screws, set the correct tracking force for the new position, and you're set.

You will also need a protractor for alignment (you can use the Rega one that came with your TT, if it did) and a pressure gauge (preferably electronic) - this is very useful even for turntables with markings on the weight, since most of the time they're off.

The Goldring is a great cart, and I also like Nagaoka (which I use, and they go great with Rega) or Audio Technica. Do not go up the Rega cart ladder, unless you REALLY want to avoid the cartridge mounting hassle.
I didn't think that you could adjust the tracking weight on the Rp1, i thought it was set
I'll check, if it is you're a bit buggered when it comes to changing cartridges.
Would Rega do that? I doubt it.
It has a preset bias but not tracking weight. As long as you can move the counterweight on the stem then you can change tracking force.
If you're in any doubt get a dealer to do it or you're upgrade could end up sounding worse than the cartridge you currently have.
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This is true and often why people tend to upgrade these by changing the tonearm by doing this you get much more upgrade potential.
To be honest a change of cartridge is not going to be that effected by a preset bias as they all need some applied.
You might find a cheaper option to upgrade the stylus on the Carbon is sufficient, see below:-

This will fit the Carbon as the cartridge is based on the old Audio Technica AT91


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