Oh NO! Cables again!!

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I'll never understand why people think it's worth 'sharing' videos of their setups - others will only hear sound as good as the kit they are using themselves - in my case the cheap speakers built into my laptop. Similar to those who post videos of the records they are listening to - both are very definitely not 'all about the music' to my mind. All rather self-congratulatory.
i mentioned this once under YouTube video got told where go by a few people, all rather amusing really. Seems to be how people base there purchasing decisions these days.


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...mind you, I have heard differences between cartridges, when listening on headphones to YT videos.

But, then there was the video that used a microphone to record cartridge differences through his system.
I had to (diplomatically) point out that his video was useless.... his reply informed me that it was because his recorder had no line input 🤪


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