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Aug 10, 2019
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I have just bought the following home cinema products.

SAMSUNG LE40M86BD 40" Television, ONKYO TXSR505E receiver, Q ACOUSTICS 1010i 5.1 SPEAKER PACKAGE, TOSHIBA HDEP35 HD-DVD PLAYER.(all What HiFi winners)

There will also be my Virgin Media Box (not V+).

As a new-comer can anyone please help me with where on earth to plug what????????

I will be using quality interconnects, QED, Chord etc.

but what on earth goes where, I'm sure I cannot be the only one that struggles with this one.

Speakers are fairly apparent, its the other items to give best results,please.

Many thanks


Hi leaandanna,

You'll need one HDMI cable from the Toshiba to one of the Onkyo's HDMI inputs, then another from the Onkyo's HDMI output to the Samsung TV. Wire up the speakers using standard speaker cable, and get a decent subwoofer cable for the bass-box.

I'm not sure what the best output is for the standard Virgin Media Box, but I don't think it has HDMI. If not, go for component if it's available, or S-Video if not.

Any problems, give another shout here. Otherwise, enjoy you're new system!


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