Are you happy with your system?

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Dec 16, 2003
I'm perfectly happy with my system.

It's a self-built media centre PC running Libreelec OS. All my CD's ripped to 320kbps MP3. ReplayGain courtesy of foobar2000 to equalise volume. PC connected to Yamaha RX-V681 surround sound receiver driving a Wharfdale DX-1 SE 5.1 speaker system.

By most people's standards it's probably way below par, but I love the sound - warm, rich and smooth.

Squall Leonhart

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Nov 21, 2016
My current system is :

Denon PMA-1600ne stereo amplifier
Denon DCD-1600ne cd player
Dali Rubicon 6 speakers
Atlas Hyper 2.0 speaker cable
Atlas Element Superior interconnect

Sounds like heaven with all my music. I feel I could squeeze more performance from the Rubicons with the 2500ne amp or something like a Luxman or Esoteric amplifier but I cant afford that lol. Either way I am very happy with my system

Edit: When i first got the Rubicons I had the Marantz PM8005 & SA8005. But when I upgraded to the Denon 1600ne series the sound from Rubicon 6's got better. I have moved the Marantz to the bedroom connected to my old pair of Dali Opticon 1. That might be overkill for a small bedroom but I ain't complaining lol
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Mar 17, 2013
Now i am. I upgraded my amp and speakers

Smaller speakers bigger amp, now i have cleaner,louder sound and more bass, less interconnects (longer speaker cable) and aut off and remote contro + dac i can use to upgrade for my cdplayer, it's kind of thin sounding


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Nov 23, 2007
I can now say a definite yes, and it's all down to positioning.

After some mad experiments pulling some cheaper equipment out of storage, I had a strong inclination to go back to my upgraded set-up and to spend some time trying to get the best out of it.

So it's back to Rega Apollo, Rega Elex-R and Spendor A1s, but with the Spendors toed-in more and moved closer to the wall. Everything has clicked into place. I can now hear why the A1s have received such glowing reviews and why they see use in at least one reviewer's reference system.

Next steps? Add a new turntable so I can enjoy my 500+ LPs again, and add a Streamer and headphone amp.


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Nov 24, 2013
My no1 system really sings in a smallish room, Kef LS50's with the oomph and warmth of my Vincent hybrid are the basis and all my sources add to the mix beautifully. I don't think I'd swap anything at this stage.....


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Mar 17, 2013
A little update, i did upgrade 2 of my main parts the last month, amp and speaker,

Latest i did was to change to a supra power cable, general impression more open sound (not extreme, cost my 20 euros because i sold my old clearer audio cable that served me well).

Needed (wanted) a soundcard with more control over the gain so i bought a Mackie Onyx Artis 1-2 becuase of good review along with a good cable they had stock (long trs 1/4 or jack if you will to rca isn't stock in every store).

Black friday i bought last pair they had of Neo Oyaide d+ RTS Class B (1/4TS to RCA) 3M for 24 euros (gear4music), about the same price as the 1 meter version with shipping normally cost, i wanted to try a different cable (i only have one with the right plugs) and the price was good (fresh colour)

I have had something with the highs i thought sounded like a little sharpness,distrotion in the highs, tried my inakustisk cable (i knew are neutral sounding) just to hear if it would make any difference and to my surprise it changed the highs to a more positive result, which i actually find a little strange since the cable i used are surpose to be superior to my inakustik cable.

That made me look for a speaker cable upgrade, i thought i was lucky to have a cable that actually made a positive change in the sound quality, i also didn't have anything else in the same length i knew had the same neutralness to compare, i thought the inakusik cable might not be the best for my system, just beacause it's more neutral than the previous cable i used doesn't mean it's automaticly the best for me and my system.

After a day or 2 of searching i decided for BJC Twelve White (5000UE) (White jacket, 12 AWG) i knew was a no bull s... cable, good price and i didn't need to buy new bananaplugs that could handle 10 AWG thick cable. It's also a cable i personally have never heard anything bad about, in fact audioholics that are known for no bull s.. they try to tell it like it is and not makes us belive something that is not possible (a bit like blue jeans) has the 10 AWG version of the cable i bought, as one they recommend

After change of speaker cable i got highs that sounds more natural and im still very impressed of how much bass my small speakers can deliver, with wide and deep midrange,soundtage.
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