Differences between Marantz PM 7004, 7003 and 8003?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I borrowed the Marantz PM 7004 a month ago and thought it was a very nice so Im thinking of buying it.

However, I think that the 7004 model looks worse than its earlier models such as 7003 and 8003. The new PM7004 has Tri-Control (which I would never use) and also 4 buttons on the front opposed to 2.

Is there any other differences between these models than the Tri-control and buttons? Some other improvements on the 7004 that I dont know of? Which one is the best?

The 7003 and 8003 is still available at some shops with a extremely limited stock. The 7003 less expensive than the 7004 and the 8003 a bit more expensive.

If the 8003 has adwantages over both, Im considering buying this one simply cause I want the best model :)

Anyone with experience?

Wish everybody a good day!


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