Question Good DAC along with Hifiman Sundara Stealth Revision ?


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Apr 16, 2021
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I´ve recently bought the HiFiMan Sundara Stealth Revision and overall I like the sound they deliver.

Im thinking about buying a respectable USB-DAC with ability to control volume directly on the device.

These are my first "hifi" headphones so im new to this :)

And after looking for a DAC by my self im realising that it´s a jungle with alot of options.

The sound im looking for is as neutral as possible, I prefer clarity and detail more than bass.

So all help from you who is more into this world than me would be much appreciated!

My budget is $350-450

Best regard!


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First consideration for you is whether you would prefer a combined DAC / amp, or wouldn't mind them in separate boxes.

Separate units from the same manufacturer can be a nice visual match.
For an example, see the Topping D50S DAC and their A50S amp.

At full retail price that particular pair would fall a bit outside your budget, but if you can find them on discount.....(I managed to get an A50S for around £40 below retail in the UK).

If you'd be ok with the visual mismatch, I reckon an S.M.S.L. SU1 DAC paired with something like the A50S would be a good value option for you - well within your budget.

(A50S gives you a balanced output option - maybe for the future, if not right away).
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