Can you transfer iTunes account?

I have a very weird problem. I had a presentation at my work today, so decided to use the Keynote in my iPad 2 to make the presentation. I then decided to buy the Keynote remote app for my wife's iPod Touch (2nd gen) to use it.

Here's where the problem started. Keynote remote app said that the software must be at least iOS 4.2, & the software in the iPod Touch was iOS 3.1.3. So I connected the iPod Touch to my wife's mac to update the software. iTunes showed that software version 4.2.1 was available for download, but when I clicked "update", the message I got was "your iTunes 9.2 is up to date".

So I reset & restored the iPod Touch. That found a software update & installed it, but that was version 4.1!!

I trawled the net, & found a way to manually update the 4.2.1 software via iTunes (by pressing "options" button on macbook while clicking "update" in iTunes to install from the macbook). Software updated without a hitch.

Here's where the fun began. Now the iPod Touch wouldn't sync with iTunes 9.2, as it requires a minimum iTunes 10.1 version. I downloaded the latest iTunes version, but that wouldn't install on the mac, as that requires Mac OS 10.5 version or later!! The macbook was bought in 2006, & works well. We don't feel the need to upgrade the software (even if we want to, it's not possible without spending £250 to buy a family pack consisting of the OS amongst others - that's another story). We'll buy a new macbook next year when we visit the US.

So if I want to keep the Keynote remote, my wife can't have her songs on it.

We've never purchased songs from the iTunes store. Traditionally, we've always bought CDs & ripped music into her macbook / my Vaio. But we have individually bought a few apps through our iTunes accounts.

Since we're married now, it doesn't make sense to have 2 iTunes accounts. Is it possible for my wife to close her account & transfer all her purchases into my account? I can then use my Vaio to sync the iPod Touch.

Sorry for the long post. :rant: Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Sadly, no you can't merge iTunes accounts for purchased files - otherwise what would stop you from sharing them with, say, a random friend/stranger.

For non-ITunes-purchased content you can, of course, merge your libraries, being as i'm sure it's all legitimate back-ups of music you already own :)

More reading - but sadly the same response - on Apple's support forums


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Jan 13, 2009
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You can use two different accounts on the same machine though. I have a US account as well as a UK one. Purchase can then be put on the same device


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