Got a deal on a Yamaha R-N800a... it's amazing

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I have desided to sell my Yamaha r-n600a


After 5-6 weeks with my triange espirit titus ez i tried my fosi audio bt20a and my nad c7171 (have no more amps i havent tried)

My nad c717 sounds better (class d)

A little more highs with my m-audio m-track solo sound card, using my asus xonar se to get 24 bit and 192khz a little less highs but stil more than using the internal dac on my yamaha, often i would feel it's to soft even with the treble raised (prefer the bas and high neutral)

Midrange sounds more open without the lower mids sounding to full on some songs (when the bass is at 0 db ), i don't as often feel the upper mids,lower tweeter is to soft, the bass sounds more noticeable at low and high levels, fuller without to much midbass that effects the deep male voice

2x20 watt 8 ohm and 2x30 watt in 6 ohm, my speakers are rated down to 3.8 ohm but no problems driving them, no unsually high heat, infact the power is so good i only want a little more for the sound to be cleaner at my prefered loudness,volume and to have just a little more headroom (min +3d or if you will double the power)

I just can't see me buying another nad amp for what i can get for my yamaha amp, since i don't thing the older C320-372 would sound as good as my Nad C717 (strangly enough) and the new full sized nad class d amp might be to expensive used
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