Air Lock Terminations on speaker cables


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Sep 21, 2007
Not too sure i understand why cables are terminated in this way. My Tannoy speakers have a screw at the back which just tightens down onto the exposed copper cable. I don't think the airlock termination would fit into this. Do other speakers have connector specifically for Air Lock termination ? Any advise received gratefully ? Thanks


Most speakers have binding posts with a plug in the end which can be removed so a banana plug termination can be put in. Airlock terminals are the same as any other banana plug with the exception of allegedly being applied by you local supplier in such a fashion as to reduce the amout of air, and therefore oxygen, available to oxidise your cable. Lots of debates go on in these forums about wether different wires make a difference, and wire lengths, terminations etc. etc. Common discussion argues that by applying a temination to your wires such as a banana plug means that there is another interface in that line where the information sent can be partially lost or subjected to "noise". Whereas a straight run connected directly to the binding post will reduce signal loss. Personally, I have some normal gold plated bananas on my speaker wire. I have done this for ease of use in case I need to move stuff around and also to neaten up the back of my amp. I think I have about 15 wires of various forms going into the back of my amp, and by putting terminations on, it helps me make sense of it all.


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