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Ae1 vs LS-50

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New member
Apr 12, 2014
drummerman said:
Frank Harvey said:
As others have said the LS50's with a £200 amp isn't going to be well driven and you won't be getting anywhere near the capabilities of those speakers.
I am pretty set on the wireless. I just don't like any of the colour schemes.

Would an H90 drive the LS50 (black Edition!)
Before you drop £2k on the LS50 wireless try to demo your H90 with Dali Rubicon 2. I had the wireless( and the passive) and they are very very good, but the H90 and Rubicon 2 pairing is amazing. These Dalis are generally overlooked. The H90 gives them plenty of power and control. I’m using a yamaha cd300 as a transport via optical into the H90. It’s frankly the best sounding system I’ve had.