Advice setting up the Optimal Crossover for receiver and sub


May 22, 2021
I currently have a Yamaha RX-V377 AV amplifier and Wharfedale DX-2 Surround Speakers and Sub Woofer.

The DX2 Satellite speakers frequency range

Satellite 120hz - 20khz
Centre Speaker is 80hz - 20hz
Sub 40hz-150hz.

In the Yamaha Speaker setup I have the option to set the speakers to SMALL or LARGE and set the Crossover Frequency.

1. Am I correct in thinking the crossover frequency should be around 10Hz above what the lowest frequency it can produce as this is the point where the Sub takes over?

2. The Yamaha setup does not have the option to set the separate crossover frequencies for BOTH the Satellite and Centre speakers. It just has the one. So should this be based on the lowest frequency for BOTH the satellite and center speakers? In which case should I base it on the Centre speaker? And being the lowest it can produce at 80Hz should I therefore set it to 90Hz?

3. I ran the YPAO speaker setup placing the Mic where I sit in order for the system to calculate everything and distance from the speakers. After running, the speakers where set to LARGE and the crossover to 60Hz. So a bit perplexed as to why it set it at that. Should I change this to 90Hz and the speakers to SMALL?

4. Should the Crossover frequency control on the back of the SUB Woofer be set the same as what is set in the Yamaha crossover setting? So again 90Hz?

5. I have just purchased a Marantz PM6007 amplifier and a set of DALI Oberon 7 floor standing speakers. Which I might add are amazing speakers. I Listen to ROCK/Metal mostly and certainly have the punch and clarity. Whilst I am not using those for music I though why have them sitting there so my plan is to disconnect the two front satellite speakers and connect the Dali's, whilst still keeping the other rear satellite, center and sub speakers. I will also occasionally play music from the PC, which is connected via a Optical Digital cable.

5.1 The Dali speakers obviously don't need a sub so should I just switch it off? In which case would I still need to adjust the settings in the Yamaha for the speaker sizes and crossover?

5.2 Lets say I kept the Sub on with it (curious what it would sound like) what would the crossover be set at on both the Yamaha and back of the Sub? The Dali Frequency response is 36Hz - 26KHz.

6. Why do you need a crossover setting for both the Yamaha setting and the back of the SUB? I thought either one would tell when the bass frequencies should only start to kick in on the SUB and take over from the speakers.

Thanks in advance. Sorry for should a lot of questions. Appreciate anyone's time in answering


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