Which portable (on ear) headphone for on the go?


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all.

I am from Holland, new issue of What Hifi not for sale here, expecting to pick it up every day now.

But I have got a question.

I am looking for a on ear headphone for on the go

In the past I had the Bose on ear, which did fail me after 4 years of use/abuse at the moment I am using Senheiser HD202

I do like them except for one thing, not very protable. Cant fold them is as I could with the Bose. And I see the Senheise as a inbetween looking for something better.

For the headphones I am doubting between these three

- B&W P5

- Audiotechnica ES 55

- Beyerdynamic T50P

As for in ear: I am not a great fan of them, but I don't have got much experience with them. The apple in ear buds are sooo uncomfortable. So any advice on them? I am really exiting how the new B&W C5 are going to score...

Advise is very welcome.

Music I prefer is Dance. For in ear buds comfort is super important for me.

Thank you


Well, you should check out the September edition of What Hifi because there is a supertest... but of those 3 I'd be trying to demo the Beyers. The P5s I found a little disappointing, you can demo them in most apple stores. I still have my sennheiser hd25s from over 10 years ago and they still surprise me by how good they sound.

In-ears, I tried a couple before I made the leap to custom-moulds - it may cost £50 or so extra but it is soooo worth it: perfect fit, comfort, much better isolation. I'd highly recommend the shure 535 (or better value is the previous model the 530 which can now be found much cheaper), for some reason whathifi have never given them 5 stars (the reviews i read) but everyone else raves about them. If you want something cheap, I recommend the Head Direct range.