Question Overwhelmed by selection


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Sep 4, 2022

I have looked through dozens of "best of" lists but I am getting really confused and overwhelmed by the selection so before I pull the trigger I would like to ask the community for some advice.

I am looking for a pair of wireless headphones (over-ear or on-ear both work) with a budget around $200.
My doctor said I can't have in-ears, so those are unfortunately off the table.

I would use them for watching movies on my tablet and listening to music / podcasts while doing chores, taking walks or working at my computer.

- decent battery-life (doesn't have to be outstanding);
- ability to connect with USB or jack in case battery is drained would be much appreciated;
- stable Bluetooth connection to a variety of Android devices (if I understood it well, that means I want aptX support?);
- as good audio quality as possible for the price (that's a big one for me);
- somewhat good grip on the head as I would use it during house chores, garden work and walking / hiking (I won't be running and jumping around in them, I just need them to stay put if I lean down to pick something up);
- it's not essential but I would like some level of weather protection since I enjoy taking long walks during the fall and winter.

What I don't care about:

- I don't need an extensive list of features (take-off detection, touch control, built-in assistant, etc.);
- ANC in general, I won't be using it so it's not a factor for my purchase decision (it's a subjective thing, I just don't like noise cancellation in general, even as a kid I was often commuting with my headphone taken off one of my ears).

Some extra info about me:

- I have a rather large head but small ears;
- I used to enjoy Sony's signature powerful bass but I am not too keen on it these days and I prefer a more balanced soundstage;
- I used KOSS Porta Pro for many years, it did hurt my ears after prolonged use but I was very happy with the sound. I have thoroughly enjoyed JBL Bluetooth speakers in general and Harman Kardon speakers for the past few years.

Based on reviews, so far I have been eyeing:

- JBL Live 660NC
- Anker Soundcore Life Q35
- AKG N700NC M2
- Sony WH-XB910N

Thank you for reading and any advice in advance!


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Sep 4, 2022
Hello again!

So I did some more research in the meantime and realized I was using the wrong terminologies but oh well, you live you learn :)

I decided to ditch the Sony and Anker from the selection and I added the Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2.

Honestly, the A-T seems to have everything I want so I am leaning heavily towards this model now.

However, I was reading reviews and ran into this one:
"Now the high-end frequencies (Think high-pitched, sibilant vocals and instruments like flutes and cymbals, as well as higher-pitched chords from acoustic guitars). This is where the M50x stop being a casual-listening or "fun" headphone. The highs are upfront and detailed, which can be good for the purpose of monitoring, but they're so heavily emphasized that it makes listening at high volumes uncomfortable and fatiguing. Some people like for headphones to have this even when casually listening, but the majority of people will eventually find it uncomfortable and not very relaxing. "

Can anyone comment on this?


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Feb 3, 2016
I think the AT M50 are very much a marmite headphone, with opinions generally more negative in recent years. I owned an AT pair 10-15 years ago and the build quality was terrible. They creaked at the smallest movement and cable noise was also excessive.

For the money the Anker are very good. I paid £65 on Amazon. You must however use the app. Without it they sound terrible. Way too much bass. There are some videos on EQ settings but for me the piano setting was effectively the same. In the end I gave them to my Dad as the ANC, which is why I bought them, wasn’t good enough for use on the underground. Though I doubt any can block out that nasty high pitched whine you get over certain sections of track.

For comparison I’ve owned Hifiman Edition XS, Grado 325x, AKG N60 wireless, Beoplay H6 gen 2. I’ll admit I’ve wasted money on ‘upgrades’ where I’d question there are negligible sonic improvements for me.

In terms of bang for your buck the Anker are a good choice, in my opinion.


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Oct 3, 2022
Check out Audio Technica. I'm very happy with my ATH-SR50BT's. I chose them over the M50x BT due to a killer deal... I do love my wired M50x's though!