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Forum discussion tagged with headphones.
  1. tinaag

    Question TV Samsung QLed 4k Q7FN 55" which are the good head or earphones bluetooth to use?

    I have a Samsung Q7FN. I will need references for good Bluetooth earphones or headphones. I have a Level U but is falling into pieces, and soon will die. I bought online a AKG Y600NC but I rad some reviews from users saying it's not a good device. so in case this phone is really bad and if I...
  2. I

    Asking for Opinions on Headphones / DACs / Balanced Input

    Hello, newbie here. I have been reading a lot of discussions on forums for the last couple of days and learned a lot already. I'd appreciate if I can get some opinions on a few issues since there are a lot of people here with a lot more experience than I have. My entry level Sennheiser PX100...
  3. K

    How do you choose which brand of audio/headset to buy?

    What kind of source do you use when you choose your headphone? Of couse, one of the sources could be the forum like "WHAT hi-fi", but do you use any other source? Do you take into account the reccomendation from your close ones? Do you use SNS for grasping the current trend (do you think...
  4. dream_cc

    I have $500 to spend and want to enjoy the best music. What headphone should I buy?

    Music to listen: mostly classical music and instrumental music; some vocal songs. Player: Fiio M11. What I care: sound quality, comfort and price (must be under $500) What I don't care: portability, appearance, durability, price, and everything else. Firstly, in-ear or over-ear? Do over-ear...
  5. A

    A world gone Zoom - best kit

    Looking for consensus on best headphones for a travelling frequent Zoomer- wireless , with good noise cancelling & good mic ,decent lasting between charges ,the MIC itself might do some noise cancelling of dogs and adorable children at play !!! I have bought 20 varieties during...
  6. SirBlacklist

    (Gaming/Music) Current: Focal Listen - Want to upgrade

    Hello! First-time poster but I've read through this forum a ton and decided my case is a bit different then what a lot of others posted or needed suggestions for. USE: Gaming/Music Gaming FPS Immersive Titles MMO's Music (all over the place but currently listening to;) Rush Tool The...
  7. L

    Question Best IEMs w/ mic under 100€ to use with phone (no dac)

    Hello, as the title says I'm looking for IEMs under 100€ to only use with my phone and maybe sometime my laptop. I don't use a dac, just straight from the 3.5mm jack of my pixel 3a. I stream music from Tidal HiFi, I need these only when I'm going around outside (for the future since I'm stuck...
  8. chris661

    Review Bose 700 Headphones - A Review

    I've been using these headphones for a while in a variety of circumstances, and thought it was time for a bit of a write-up. I'm not affiliated with Bose in any way, but I do have a love/hate relationship with their products. Rewind to mid-December last year, and I was out Christmas shopping in...
  9. T

    Question Best Over Ear Wired Head Phone 3.5 mm hidden microphone around 40£

    Looking for an Over Ear Wired Head Phone + 3.5 mm + hidden microphone (not the type protruding out) around 40£ Any thing that you suggest. I know you would laugh at how much I am willing to spend! Not an audiophile. Just want to use it in the bus or at rest times. I am interested in the below...
  10. Pikajuice

    Help me identify these headphones?

    I recently came up these beyerdynamic partially open (I think?) headphones and have been having trouble figuring out exactly what model they are. They have a toggle for each driver with four positions from closed to open. These seem to most profoundly affect the bass range. There isn't any...
  11. RichardADC

    Question Bluetooth transmitter for Bose headphones

    Can anyone recommend a suitable bluetooth transmitter to connect Bose headphones to a Marantz amp? I have tried a couple of fairly inexpensive ones from Amazon - the sound is variable and they are subject to interference. At present I’m using a wire connection which is fine
  12. accrfc

    New Headphones V Premium Stream Quality

    I currently have a pair of Sony MDR-ZX770BN headphones and a Spotify Premium account, but I'm looking to get a better sound quality. Should I spend my hard earned money on new headphones or upgrading to Deezer HiFi/Tidal. Is it worth upgrading to FLAC/Lossless when my headphones are sub £100...