ALC1220 VS Schiit Hel for DT 770 Pro 250 Ohms

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Jul 15, 2021
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Hello. Hi. I'm not an audio guy.
My MB is X399 Designare EX, with ALC1220. I'm looking to buy an all in one compact solution which can power my DT 770 Pro 250 olms as I don't have much desk-space. The best DAC/AMP combo in my price range I could find was the Hel Schiit.

Why am I trying to buy a DAC/AMP?
My original headset used to be the Audio Technica M40X. They broke and I then ordered DT 770 because everyone was recommending them. I bought the 250 Ohms because they were cheaper than the 80s on amazon.
Since my upgrade I've noticed. That the treble is sharp and painful. Especially at the 3000-4000 and 11500 frequency range compared to my m40X. My volume is also at 93% and the headphones are jacked in the front audio jack of the case. The back ones do provide more volume, but I can't notice any clarity. (At-least I didn't for the 10 minutes I tested it) Why am I not using the back ones?
The DT 770 250s come with a coiled cable and my PC is pretty far back. Because of this I use the front ones.
I was wondering whether or not buying an external DAC/AMP such as the Schiit Hel would make the treble more pleasant along with improving sound stage for games like Hunt: Showdown. And in general is it worth the upgrade, would the audio be a lot clearer?

Vincent Kars

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the treble is sharp and painful.
Beyer do emphasize the treble:

You might try an equalizer to tame them:

The high ohm versions are supposed to be driven by the headphone out of a receiver/amp.
This because the impedance of the receiver is often high so you need a high impedance headphone to get sufficient damping.

The back ones do provide more volume
You meen the RCA out?
If yes, you get a bloated bass as the impedance of the RCA is way to high.

Switching to an external DAC/AMP won't change the sound signature of the 770 but looking at the Hel
Maximum Power, 300 ohms: 200mW RMS
Output Impedance (headphones): 0.25 ohms
I expect it to drive the 770 properly


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