What do people mean when they say Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm have loads of bass?


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Apr 23, 2022
Yeah basically that question. I own 80 Ohms and, well, despite either my hearing not being up to par right now or something being wrong with them, I actually Pepe d them up and made sure after my repair request with Beyerdynamic that they actually installed 80 Ohm drivers and not 32 Ohm ones because they seem pretty dull and not as bassy as some people all over the web say they are.
If people mean the bass is tight and roomy, I guess I can agree on that, but I wouldn’t call them bass head headphones or anything similar.

I have had DT 770 Pros since the end of last year, this is my third pair becausemy first two were malfunctioning out of the box (all genuine units, bought directly from Beyerdynamic in Germany) and overall I’m happy with their sound. But lately, basically since after a driver replacement some 2 months ago or so they seem even less bassy and as though they are easily overwhelmed if many, or more than 5 basically, instruments play at the same time. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me or that my expectations on this 150€ pair of headphones are too high. After all these are basically run off the mill headphones these days.

Overall I guess I like their flat sound, but they seem to be lacking the bass that some praise them with, especially the 80 Ohm version, also clarity and their response aren’t always great. A great but heavy benchmark track would be The National Anthem by Radiohead with its underlying dirty e guitar which looses a whoooole lotta detail when the other instruments kick in, but I guess there must be a difference between the 770s and 880/990 and anything beyond 150€.

Anyway, my point is, what am I to understand when people say the 770s have loads of bass? Because mine certainly don’t.


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Mar 11, 2005
I have some coming today, but from all the various FR tests I've seen they don't have an excessively emphasised bass, they look pretty flat to 30Hz. I've also just got a pair of Shure SRH840A and they do have too much, and needs an EQ cut.
The biggest issue with Beyers is the upper mid spike around 4k, which is, easily dealt with using EQ. I have to say the Shures sound great using Oratory1990 EQ settings through Roon, my reference is LCD-X and whilst the differences are clear, it's debatable whether they are by a £ factor of x10


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