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  1. shAen1234

    Headphone + Amp, now wanting a DAC?

    Hello all, I've had a pair of DT990 pros, the 250 ohm version, for a little bit now. Recently purchased a Schiit Magni+, and I've noticed a difference in sound quality (for the better) and I'm happy with my purchase. I'm now debating on whether or not I need to purchase a DAC, I have an Asus...
  2. Malea654

    Beyerdynamic Amiron Home

    I am by no means an expert in audio or critical listening but I am looking to invest around 100-200 into a pair of headphones. While browsing I found a nice set of used Amiron Home Headphones and the Beyerdynamic Impacto being sold together within my price range. Any opinions on this combo, I...
  3. R

    What do people mean when they say Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm have loads of bass?

    Yeah basically that question. I own 80 Ohms and, well, despite either my hearing not being up to par right now or something being wrong with them, I actually Pepe d them up and made sure after my repair request with Beyerdynamic that they actually installed 80 Ohm drivers and not 32 Ohm ones...
  4. R

    Beyer T90 headphone distortion

    I have a pair of T90's that I happened to notice some distortion in the left hear with low base content. I took them apart but didn't really see anything wrong anywhere. Any ideas of something else I can check? Thanks, Rut
  5. Pikajuice

    Help me identify these headphones?

    I recently came up these beyerdynamic partially open (I think?) headphones and have been having trouble figuring out exactly what model they are. They have a toggle for each driver with four positions from closed to open. These seem to most profoundly affect the bass range. There isn't any...