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  1. B

    Spendor 2/3

    Hello everyone. I wondered if anyone could kindly help me? My brother in law has kindly given me some Spendor 2/3 speakers and I am looking to get an amp. I have a Pro-Ject Jukebox E turntable but nothing else. I wanted to buy a Yamaha R-N602 however they are no longer made, I particularly...
  2. D

    Looking for an amplifier

    I am setting up a music system and am considering upgrading my amplifier (a Sony FM Stereo/FM-AM Receiver STR-DH130) This summer I purchased - B&W CM8 s2 speakers - Rega Planar 1 turntable - Rega Fono Mini A2D MM Phono Preamp (which I may not need with a new amp?) Any advice on whether to get...
  3. K

    Question Amp for Rega Planar 3

    Hi all, I just received my Rega Planar 3 and i'm extremely happy with it. But as the Planar has a fixed RCA cable attached, I somehow need to find a solution to connect it to my Yamaha RX-A880 receiver (which drives my Bowers & Wilkins 683 s2's). Now I started my search here on What Hi-Fi? and...
  4. frankchen1221

    Should I change my amp and dac? (advice)

    My current setup: Acoustic Energy AE100 MK II + Micromega MyAMP + Topping D10s Recently, I have considered some bigger integrated amplifiers for better sounds and experience, here are my picks below: 1. DENON PMA-600NE (or 800NE) 2. Marantz PM6007 3. Audiolab 6000A (no Bluetooth version) DAC...
  5. S

    Cheap compact AMP/DAC with 65W or max 100W per channel

    Hello, Would it be possible to obtain some suggestions for an amp like described on subject? I just received a Wiim Mini, which I want to use as dedicated network streamer only. Then I would connect it to an AMP/DAC through optical cable and play Qobuz on the maximum high res available... I...
  6. C

    Best Sounding Class D?

    Hi there I need recommendations on the best Class D amp. 8ohms 200-300wpc…even more if possible. remote control is important(on/off, volume) Max 2500euro is it possible?
  7. S

    Question Can I fit a centre channel speaker with my current amp set up?

    My current set up - is Monitor Audio Bronze 2 bookshelves, bi-wired in to a Marantz PM5005 amp. I want to - add a Monitor Audio bronze C150 centre channel to this, but I don't know enough to know whether it'd all work. I'd not bi-wire the bookshelves to make the space for the center channel...
  8. Youngsoulrebel

    Question Total beginner looking for advice for first hi-fi purchase

    Hello, I'm looking at purchasing my first hi-fi set up and wanted to reach out for some expert advice. I'm a music fan above all else and I'm looking for a set up that will sound great with the minimal amount of set up and after care. I live in quite a populated area with neighbours attached...
  9. Snootnoot

    Question Best amp/intergrated for bose 301 iv?

    Don't hate me, these sound better than Ls50's in my room, that being said I'm looking for either an amp or integrated that i can get for less that 300 CAD used. Digital in/out isn't a necessity .
  10. angelmf2704

    AMP recommnendations for HD599

    Hello, a few days ago I received my Sennheiser HD599 SE. They were only 100 dollars, I have heard wonderful things about them from people I know. I have made dumb decisions before, for example I thought using MQA with Sony's WH-1000XM3 was the best thing since they were both Hi Res (not horrible...
  11. A

    Question Need some suggestion for my turntable set

    Hi there, I am planning get a new turntable set. The turntable would be Pro-Ject DC EVO. The phono preamp would be Pro-Ject Phono box DC or MM, if needed. I am thinking about B&W 607 as speakers. Need suggestion for amp or receiver? The budget is better below $500. PS: expecting new not...
  12. Z

    Help Upgrading / adding to my Arcam S10 / Monitor Audio setup

    Hi! Total newb here. First post. Here's the thing. I have a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 500 speakers, an Arcam S10 amp, and an Audio Technica LP5 with Ortofon Blue. I love it. But it lacks a punch. The bass falls short and not all music genres are delivering on my expectations. (I stay...
  13. Ollie

    Question Amp suggestions for Pioneer PLX-500 and Denon tape deck

    Hi folks, I'm using the Pioneer PLX-500 turntable with Pioneer DM-40 speakers, and today picked up an inexpensive Denon DRM-500 tape deck. The speakers are powered and include a 3.5mm and RCA inputs so I can directly connect the turntable and tape deck to them simultaneously, however I'm stuck...
  14. User name

    ALC1220 VS Schiit Hel for DT 770 Pro 250 Ohms

    Hello. Hi. I'm not an audio guy. My MB is X399 Designare EX, with ALC1220. I'm looking to buy an all in one compact solution which can power my DT 770 Pro 250 olms as I don't have much desk-space. The best DAC/AMP combo in my price range I could find was the Hel Schiit. Why am I trying to buy...
  15. G

    Amp Dilemma

    I have a NAD 355BEE paired to Mezzo 6 floorstanders. In addition to the CD Player (also NAD). I was very happy with the way the combo sounded. The Mezzos are a little inclined towards the brighter side and this gets perfectly balanced by the Amp which tends to have a bias towards the warm. I...
  16. G

    Advice Sought On Matching Old Amp With New Speakers

    After days checking various speakers and amps across the internet I've opted (for now at least) to stay with my very matured Pioneer A107. But I'm considering upgrading my speakers. My amp specs are: Continuous power output (both channels driven at 20 Hz to 20 kHz)** T.H.D. 0.1 %, 8 Ω...
  17. O

    Integrated Amp recommendations for Monitor audio Gold Reference 20s

    Hi! I'm setting up my first hifi setup, so far I have a rega Planar 3 and a pair of MA GR20s. Initially I planned on getting the yamaha as501 amp, however many people on this and other forums have told me this amp will not only limit the sound quality but cause clipping (especially on dynamic...
  18. C

    Question Speakers for Pioneer SA-420

    Hello folks. I have a Pioneer SA-420 from the 1980s, recently serviced, and now I'm on the hunt for good + small bookshelf speakers to match with it. The speakers I have in mind are the System Audio Saxo 5s. The amp lists 21 watts per channel into 8ohms. The speakers have "recommended amplifier...
  19. M

    New Amp/streamer - so confused what to get

    Hi, I can't decide on what to get - perhaps you can help me out. What I have: - Monitor audio silver 6 speakers - a TV Now I need a replacement for my Onkyo receiver that broke down. I also started questioning my choice of speakers since I thought they sounded a little too cold/neutral with...
  20. S

    Right Channel Stereo Sound Softer than Left, Turntable or Amp

    Hi, I am a new member to the forum living in Melbourne Australia, hoping to get some advice As heading into a repair shop is a bit tricky these days. I recently noticed when playing with the balance the right channel is quieter than the left. I am not sure how long it has been going on for or...