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  1. User name

    ALC1220 VS Schiit Hel for DT 770 Pro 250 Ohms

    Hello. Hi. I'm not an audio guy. My MB is X399 Designare EX, with ALC1220. I'm looking to buy an all in one compact solution which can power my DT 770 Pro 250 olms as I don't have much desk-space. The best DAC/AMP combo in my price range I could find was the Hel Schiit. Why am I trying to buy...
  2. petergabriel

    Dragonfly microphone and controls

    Simple question, as I am considering buying a Dragonfly Red. Will it pass volume and play/pause/skip controls and work with the microphone on headphones with those features, like Apples own white (previously) included headphones?
  3. F

    Is an external DAC really worth it?

    Hey all, I was browsing the other day just kinda skimming through some hi-fi pages and I came to question something: Is an external DAC worth it for digital media on a Hi-Fi ? For example, if I want to upgrade my existant CD player (considering it has an digital out) could I use an external DAC...
  4. S

    Apple lossless

    How do I get to enjoy it? Currently throwing Apple Music from my iPhone via Airplay to an airport express 2 into an amp but I understand 24/192 will need a cable from my iPhone to a DAC as Airplay won’t support it. Apple sell a lighting to usb or usb C cable which I assume I’ll need - I’m...
  5. Svinhugg

    Current Headphone + DAC equipment

    Focal Clear MG Professional & RME ADI-2 DAC FS
  6. Sayeduzzaman Rayan

    Question Good MQA capable DAC under $300 (preferable at/under $200)?

    Hi, I've been looking for a dual-purpose DAC/amp/preamp for my systems. One of them being an IEM, a Campfire Audio IO; and a stereo system: A sony str-dh190 connected to a pair of Fyne Audio F302's Right now, I'm just using the 3.5mm port of my phone and laptop, occasionally using Bluetooth (on...
  7. Si O' the Times

    Down the Rabbit Hole...

    I appear to got a little bit lost in the plethora of DAC reviews and discussion on audiosciencereview.Com! I'm looking to upgrade my ageing Dacmagic 100, with something up to £500. Those guys seem to like the SMSL SU-9, SMSL M500 and Topping D30 Pro, but there's always the obvious choice of...
  8. R

    Basic Home Office Streaming Set Up Question

    Im working on putting together my home office audio which consists of primarily hi-res and some standard streaming. Its been a while since I’ve been in the market and thought I had determined what my basic configuration was going to look like (PC/Digital Device ->DAC ->Amp ->2 stand mount...
  9. labelman68

    Computer streaming to headphones

    What's a great HiFi streaming setup that doesn't take up too much room. I'm really trying to go with just a few boxes, rather than stringing together a bunch of stuff. I don't need volume- it's a small room- but want quality sound both in my phones and speakers (ideally bookshelf). I do have a...
  10. I

    Asking for Opinions on Headphones / DACs / Balanced Input

    Hello, newbie here. I have been reading a lot of discussions on forums for the last couple of days and learned a lot already. I'd appreciate if I can get some opinions on a few issues since there are a lot of people here with a lot more experience than I have. My entry level Sennheiser PX100...
  11. U

    What DAC to use with Marants PM8006 and B&W 707 S2

    Hi there, I am fairly new at this, I have recently purchased a Marantz PM8006 and a pair of B&W 707 S2. I have testes both in separate occasions and really liked them. I know this is not the best, but the speakers are placed on my desk so they are roughly 20cm from the wall and I sit fairly...
  12. coopa33

    Connection from Macbook to Marantz Pm6005

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so bear with me.. I want to connect my macbook Pro 2018 to my Marantz PM6005 which has a DAC built into it. What would be the best way to do that? The DAC in the Marantz only has Coaxial and Optical Input. I was told that my version of the Macbook no longer supports...
  13. Slawomir

    Upgrade to Topping D90 DAC?

    Hi, I'm building my first hifi system, a very simple one. I just need a decent integrated amplifier and some bookshelf speakers. I use Google chromecast audio to stream Google Play Music. My Yamaha a-s701 amplifier has an internal DAC, but I'm wondering, whether the sound quality could be...
  14. L

    Question Amp+dac or amp/dac for AKG 712 pro (first time buyer) ~230€ budget

    Hello, I just ordered my first pair of real headphones and now I need a Dac and Amp or a dac/amp combo for them. I currently have a bad 25€ amp/dac from amazon for my Sennheiser Momentum. Ideally my budget would be 200€, I spent 160€ for the headphones, I don't really want to spend way more for...