How To Adding woofer with tube amp


May 19, 2022
Hello guys, new in hi-fi waters so I need some expertise.

Right now my listening chain goes like this:

tidal > Topping e50 dac > TubeCube 7 amp > Triangle BR02 speakers

I would like to add a woofer to this chain, to eliminate single ended tube amp spending energy on deep sounds that my speakers can't handle anyway, but I am concerned about something:

Since my tube amp has only one input and output, I would need an active woofer with high pass and that has speaker in and speaker out, is that correct? If that so, does it mean then: dac is connected to woofer (wirh rca), and then from woofer speakers out it goes to tube amp, and then to passive speakers? Again, if so, do I lose anything from quality if woofer is the first one to recieve analog signal from dac? Since it's active woofer I have no idea how things are working there, are woofer's speakers out clean bypass after high pass cut, or is it processed by something in those woofer and damaging initial sound quality.

What is confusing me also are those inputs and outputs on woofers, I saw some models where they have rca's as outputs, but some of them have regular speaker cable outs, dunno if there is some difference cuz of that.



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