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May 17, 2022
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Hi folks,

I recently gave to my father my beloved Meze 99 classics because I know he will enjoy them so much as I do. I am looking now to buy new headphones. I used them for listening to music from my phone with Tidal, work from home and occasional fps competitive gaming (PC). I really enjoyed 99 classics for all purposes, although they were not gaming headphones. I have never used open-back headphones before, but I am open to try if it's really worth it.

I loved the Mèze warm and laid-back sound with nice deep bass, but I must confess that sometimes I found them a bit mellow during long listening sessions. I would like to try another brand. My budget is around 300€. Any recommendation below this price point will be highly appreciated.

If possible, I'm looking for good sound stage, imaging, decent bass level (not a bass head but I can't stand analytical or flat sound), musical, fun, not bright or sibilant, and overall with good build quality. I might consider buying a entry level headphone AMP/DAC if required.

Below some references I've been reading about the most and that I have found interesting. I know it is not a very consistent list, but anyways I'd like to hear your opinions:

-Hifiman Sundara
-Drop + Hifiman HE4XX
-Beyerdynamic TYGR 300R (It looks that these sound quite like the DT900 with more bass)
-Beyerdynamic DT880
-Beyer 900 PRO X
-Sennheiser HD560s
-Sennheiser PC38x (with mic)
-Audeze Maxwell (detachable mic)
-Audio technica ATH-M50x

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