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  1. K

    Question Stereo Amplifier with Frequency Control?

    I am looking for a Stereo Wireless Streaming Amplifier(all-in-one) that has the option to route all the low frequencies (say less than ~120Hz) to the sub-woofer out and the remaining frequencies(~120Hz - 20kHz and above) amplified to the speaker out. I haven't come across any amps yet that could...
  2. Absorver

    Dali Oberon 1C connection issue

    Hi, was wondering if anyone here owns the Dali Oberon 1C wireless speakers along with their Soundhub Compact. I have a connection issue and I have no idea whether I am doing something wrong or if one speaker is simply not working. One connects instantly with no problems but the other seems to...
  3. Xardas

    Question Overwhelmed by selection

    Hello! I have looked through dozens of "best of" lists but I am getting really confused and overwhelmed by the selection so before I pull the trigger I would like to ask the community for some advice. I am looking for a pair of wireless headphones (over-ear or on-ear both work) with a budget...