Which is better the Toshiba 40XF355D or the Sharp LC42XL2E?


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Feb 27, 2007
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On paper the sharp looks to be the better tv but on reading reviews online the toshiba comes out on top. The toshiba has had some great reviews and is currently 2nd in stuffs top 10 tv's to buy. I've not come across that many reviews for sharp but the one's i have,rate it as an excellent tv. Plus the sharp is 100Hz and has a 4m/s response time. Can anyone help? Thanks


I'd take some advice on this also, if anyone has it!

I had problems with my Sharp LC42X20E which Sharp failed to sort and are now going to exchange albeit for the 'upgraded' TV. My dilemma is that Curry's, where I bought the original set, have agreed a goodwill gesture and exchange the Sharp for a equivalent priced model. Toshiba 42" XV505D is a model that they have quoted (based on exchanging the lower priced LC42X20E model) but I think they may accept this higher spec model in exchange for the new Panasonic 42PZ85B (plasma)

Any one out there help?


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