Adjust volume NAD C338 amplifier with TV remote


Oct 26, 2023
Good day,
I am looking at a stereo amplifier that mainly serves to amplify audio from my TV. In addition, it offers the option to connect my record player and CD player. And Spotify Connect must also be included. Now I want to bring the sound from my TV to my amplifier via Toslink.
Now my eye has fallen on the NAD C338.
Because I place my amplifier in a TV cabinet where I do not have a direct view of the amplifier, I would like to be able to control the volume of the amplifier. I could do that with an IR extender and then place the IR eye near the TV. But I don't like that as much. In reviews they write that the remote app also works well. But when I read the reviews on the App Store, I only read negative experiences. It seems that when switching on the amplifier via the app, the volume is always set to Max. This results in a risk of blown speakers. So I certainly don't want to start with that. If anyone has other experiences, I'd love to hear them.
But then I come across a piece of text that is found on many Hi-Fi retailers sites. I cannot find this on the NAD site or in the manual, but I have the piece below from Hifiklubben and it is on countless other sites. But this suggests that the TV turns on and off when there is audio (in this case from the TV) on the input. I believe that because it has been possible for years. But then they say that the volume can also be adjusted with the TV remote control, using the optical input. And that seems very strong to me since the optical connection only transmits a digital bitstream of audio.
I have had email contact with an online store that confirmed that this would work. However, I am still a bit skeptical about it. So I'm very curious about your findings.
Below is the piece of text it is about. I live in the Netherlands, so I translated the piece as it appears on the Dutch websites.

“NAD has also made it very simple to get great sound from the TV. And we're not there yet; You can connect the sound from the TV directly to the optical input, and thus adjust the volume with the TV's existing remote control. You only have to 'tell' the amplifier once which brand of TV you have, and then everything works fully automatically.”


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Oct 20, 2010
I don’t know which site claims this, but you can’t control volume using optical or coax connections. You need HDMI/arc for that. Several NAD units support that, the most simple one is D3045 I believe. I don’t know what settings can be made in the c338, but it doesn’t support BluOS App which enables far more options. Unless you want to spend more, you could have a look at a Bluesound Node amp.


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