Question Which 5.1 DAC + Headphone AMP to get


Apr 13, 2021
Hi. I'm new to the forums, but I saw a lot of responses on the forums, and decided to ask you guys, because I'm a bit lost, and you guys apparently know a lot about this stuff.

I'm using Logitech z-5500 ( predecessor of Z906 ), and now also a Beyerdynamic DT 990 250 Ohm.

I was using a Asus Xonar DX with Uni Xonar drivers + XonarSwitch ( to switch between speakers and headphones with a hotkey )

My Xonar DX rear output died, so I had to replace it ( using analog ), and since I got 250 Ohm headphones for gaming and some music while I'm away, I've decided for Creative SoundBlaster X3.
Well, I'm very disappointed by the lack of features and the sheer implementation of them. It feels a lot more like a downgrade than an upgrade ( even though it was almost double the price of Xonar DX ). I can explain the issues if someone is interested.

So I want to buy something else.
What I need is:
- Per speaker calibration
- Seamless switching between Speakers and Headphones
- Obviously a 250 Ohm AMP for the DT 990
- Most likely separated outputs for speakers and headphones, so I can switch easily between the two with AutoHotkey or something similar

I got the DT 990 mostly for the bass, and I'm quite surprised on how little bass there is. Not sure if the problem is in the soundcard, or I just got spoiled by the amount of bass on my half the price HyperX Cloud. The DT 990s are also pretty quiet, even at 100% volume and with a High-gain in soundcard settings ( they're supposed to drive up to 600 Ohm.. ).

This doesn't have to be one device at all. Optimally I can buy an internal or external soundcard for my 5.1 setup, and a separate headphone AMP, which I can carry along when I'm abroad to power my DT 990s.

Thanks a lot in advance
EDIT: My budget is up to 300€ / 350$



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