Question How can I get clearer, punchier bass out of my Dali Oberon 5s, Rega Brio and Thorens TD160?

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Steve Garratt

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Jan 11, 2024
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Hi folks. So my system is pretty good, but I'm missing the clear, defined, punchy bass guitar sound at low volumes that I like. Right now, so hear it, I have to turn it up to louder than I like (enough that you'd have to raise your voice when talking). I'm not looking for a boom boom thump thump, but being able to hear the electric bass guitar clearly at low volumes. I'm running Dali Oberon 5s, a Rega Brio, and Thorens TD160 turntable (M2 blue), playing mostly old rock and soul records. The room is kind of a standard apartment living room, maybe 20 by 30 feet or so, with old wooden floors. I've tried different things with the speakers, but currently have them on little cork and rubber furniture pads.

I don't really understand the dynamics of this, and seem to get different answers from everybody. I've found what I'm looking for on different friend's systems, one with old JBLs with 12 inch speakers (somebody told that bigger speakers are better for low volumes and don't actually require much power). But I've also heard it on bookshelf sized B&Ws on speaker stands. And sometimes it comes out that way in a car stereo or good headphones.

So, Hi-Fi experts: how do I get there? is there something I can do with my existing system (spikes, stands, further or closer to the wall, etc)? Do I need to upgrade the speakers somehow, maybe to Monitor Audios or something? Or would traditional box speakers do a. better job than these floor standing ones? Upgrade to a tube amp?

Again, looking for clear, punchy sound/defined bass guitar, at low volumes.

Thanks for your inputs.
For extra sub bass, I have a pair of KEF KC62 active subs shadowing my ATC SCM40 passive speakers.
I have them set to 40hz and below and they do add that lovely bottom rumble, particularly with some organ music vinyl and CDs where you can feel those 32ft pipes on swell!
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Mar 5, 2022
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Problem seems to be solved. I moved one of the speakers into a corner, and put spikes on both. That seems to have made the difference. Room placement!
Many thanks for all of the advice and suggestions.
I do think the knee-jerk suggestions towards buying more and more gear is worth reconsidering (although it is fun, of course :)


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