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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, and would appreciatte any help i can get.

few months ago i bought Audiolab 820cdq and some audiolab 8000m mono's to go with-same hifi shop.

wanted to use with my monitor audio rsw12 sub becoz that system really really needs warmth and sometimes i love the bass.

unfortunetly kept getting feedback noise thru right speaker/right mono with sub connected.never had probs when sub connectd to my old nads ever-contacted this forum several times about it.

took mono's and CDQ back to shop-they checkd all then told me all ok.

took advise from this forum-try splitters-I contacted audiolab helpdesk, eventually got reply that safe to try splitters instead of going cdq-mono's-sub.

worked first time--i was so very very elated aftr 3 months of trying to sort out. 2nd time2nd day turned on started getting feedback again thru right channel/right speaker.utterley gutted.

eventually borrowed mates old Nad power amp-worked a treat-no problems at all-never any feedback at all-just not quite as good sounding as audiolab mono's.

Told shop, they asked me to bring in mono's and sub. did. i called today to ask how things are and they me advsd sub doesnt work at all-did i imagine them working at home. i was in shock and didnt know what to say.

apart from being super gutted i dont know what to do next. i had the sub on every day with the old nad and even couple days with mates Arcam FMJ P38-no probs at all-ever. i listened to more music in one week that prev 2 months.always switched kit on and off in correct order.

until i borrowed a power amp i assumed the problem would be with CDQ trying to be too much or the right mono which was the shop's x display.

i dont know what to think, let alone do.

ps. sorry for any doubts i previously had about the CDQ and subs, the cdq is innocent-awesome performer-just lacks warmth.

kit; monitor audio GR60, monitor audio RSW12 sub ( alledgedly ) audiolab CDQ and 8000m mono's. wireworld oasis and chord epic, iMac.


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Unless you can proove some kind of negligance on their part, you are really going to struggle I'm afraid. It is also entirely possible that the sub failed in their possession from natural causes. It could be dumb luck that it happened to them and not you. Its also possible moving the sub caused the failure. Is there any visible damage or peculiar smells coming from the sub? (like that warm scalectric car smell).

Is this the shop that sold you the sub originally? If so (or if they are a MA dealer), I think your best bet is asking for a cost price repair.

An obvious question but will ask just in case, has anyone checked the fuse on the sub?


As it's in their posession, I would think any costs for repair wold be down to them. I certainly know that would be the case if I had something in for testing. Explain to them you've given them a working subwoofer and are now without one, through no fault of your own.

If you're getting any feedback with the subwoofer then it's most likely because the RCA's are not grounded properly somewhere. Even a slightly loose solder joint can cause it. It's up to the shop to fix that issue, along with the subwoofer now (imo). I had exactly the same problem with an MF A3 and a REL Storm III.

Did you try swapping the power amps round so that you could find out whether it was the CDQ or the power amp at fault?


thank you very very much to both of you for reading my essay/question.

both answers showed me what to do and help me deal with my guttdness. the online shop Peter Tyson is accepting it back for repair inclu postage both ways, so a happy ending.

thanks again and happy listening


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