Waking The Neighbours


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Aug 10, 2019
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Can anyone advise me on the best settings for my DVD player / Amp which will alow me to hear speach clearly, but not cause the floors / Walls to vibrate when an explosion occurs on screen. My system comprises of Pioneer 506 plasma, Monitor audio Radius 45s for surrounds, Monitor audio Radius 180 centre, Monitor audio Radius 270 left and right, Monitor audio Radius 720 Sub, Yamaha DSP AX759 SE AV Amp set on Adventure, which is pre outed to a Creek EVO amp for left and right duties, (as I use the Creek and the R270s for listening to cds with a different cd player.) a Phillips DVP5960 DVD player. Would a change to a larger centre speaker make speach clearer, as I find quieter speach turned so you can hear it = disgruntled neighbours. Thanks Steve.


If your amp is similar in menu funtion to mine, there is a setting under Dolby Digital for the Dynamic Range. I believe Std is the normal setting, but there are also MAX & MIN settings.

MIN will remove the large level variances between quiet scenes and explosions to a more controlled level. MAX is greatly amusing, but scares the hell out of you when things go bang.

You could also lower the sub level through the Dolby Digital Setting menu at night to quieten it down slightly. I might be talking rollocks though, hope not!


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