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Aug 10, 2019
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I recently contacted Teac support regarding several problems with a teac dr-h300dab.

as well as all the usual problems as posted all over the internet (poor dab reception like muting etc, and poor cd/dvd playback, mine now has further problems with the alarm, and general operation.

I contacted teac service manager listing the issues, and the reply was probably the worst i have experienced from any company...ever!!!

basically, they show absolute arrogance, and that every one who is having these problems are liars, and there have never been any problems with any of there products.

I couldn't believe the complacency of the reply.

on top of this i was on my own and they had absolutely no interest in showing any customer service what so ever.

When i politely asked if they thought 3 years was a reasonable lengh of time for one of there "quality products" to last, they just didn't even bother replying.

I have never experience such poor service before and especially from a company that pitches is products as resonably high.

now i have a unit, that cost have decent money that is not worth economic repair!!!!

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Response now received from TEAC PR:

"At TEAC UK, we take all customer issues seriously and although we use a trusted network of fully-trained service centres around the country, on this occasion we would like to see the unit for ourselves so that we can fully understand the customers issues. Once the unit has been tested, we will be in touch with the customer directly with what we hope will be a satisfactory solution.

"If the customer can email our Service Manager Jo Fialho – jo@teac.co.uk – directly with a convenient time when we can collect the unit, we will fast-track it through our service department for a swift conclusion."


They have had all my details for a week, I also emailed info@teac.co.uk from there website......thats what they call "fast tracking".

Lost the will now....Waste of time....

I'm also in the service industry and look after 10,000 I.T. users accross 700 companies... would never Ignore any of them, however much I wanted to....as many as pos will know how shocking Teac products and customer service are.....at least ive got something to talk about!!!!!


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