Atoll IN 300 Amplifier - Anyone got / heard one?


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Interested in any feed back anyone may have on the IN 300 in general, if you've bought one and if so what you had before and what else you compared it against or anyone that auditioned it and bought something you felt was better and if so what you bought instead / preferred and why.

Also does anybody know anything about their relability and customer service.

There's generally not a lot of information about them which is a little concerning as they don't seem to have a lot of uptake, the only review I can find is by The British Audiophile but the way he drops Hegel's name into everything he does it wouldn't surprise me if Hegel sposored him but I could be totally wrong about that
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Sep 13, 2021
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I don't own one because I went with something else but a couple of years ago the Atoll was on my short list. Plus the Yamaha AS1200, the Arcan SA30 and the Advance Paris A12. I ended up getting the latter but it was not an easy choice. I thought the Atoll was brilliant and probably more technically accurate than the the A12 but the Advance is more to my liking. Soother, lots of power that just flow and a sound signature closer to what I grew up with, more like a really good Pioneer from the 80s.

I sometimes wonder if I shouldn't have gone for the Arcan, that's a fast, bold and powerful amp. The Yamaha is excellent too and gorgeous. Less smooth and a bit colder. And the Atoll would probably be my pick if I hadn't come across the A12.

Atoll is a very well established brand widely distributed, at least in Europe. It's not a small internet micro-brand that is here today and gone tomorrow. Their stuff is designed AND built in France. It's as solid as a Rega is in the UK.

There's a very good youtube video comparing them with (at the time) live sound from Alpha Audio in the Netherlands. You might find it useful to at least have an idea of the general gist of each one:

PS: Tarun (British Audiophile) is one of the best reviewers IMO, I would trust him. The thing is he has a very specific idea of great sound, so you need to watch a few of his videos, especially of something that you already know, to see where he is coming from. The Hegels are a bit too dry and clinical for my taste but he runs Harbeth speakers and a Denafrips Venus 2, so that can very well be a very good combo.
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