Question Which amp to pair with Q acoustics 3050 / Rel T/5X / Pro-Ject debut


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Aug 21, 2023
Hi all

Question about choice of amp.

Until now I was mostly streaming music/watching tv via a Yamaha Aventage surround receiver with Q acoustics 3050 as front speakers and 3020's/3010's as surround speakers.
I also have a REL sub t/5x that I connect to the surround receiver via the LFE stage.
I recently bought a Pro-Ject debut turntable to start playing vinyl, and quite fast realized that a surround receiver is not the device to go to play high quality stereo sound.

So I want to buy a new amp that I solely would use for playing vinyl or Cd. I still have the surround receiver with musiccast built in to stream.
So the new amp does not really require a lot of add-ons, just high quality analogue stereo music playing.

What amp would you recommend for this setup: a pro-ject debut turntable, a pair of Q acoustics 3050 floorstanding speakers and a REL T/5x subwoofer that I would connect via the high level input?

I have been doing some research myself, and there are 2 amps that could fit that I can buy in my region at a really good price.

1) Marantz PM6007 (399€ / +-340£ / +-435$)
I am quite enthusiastic about the quality of the phono stage on this device, and have read many times that Marantz and Q acoustics pair very well.
Only question (doubt) I have: Is this amp powerful enough to steer these speakers?
The amp provides 45W (@ 8 Ohm) per channel. The speakers require 25-100W (@ 6 Ohm)
I imagine a lot of power on the lows will come from the REL, but still I am not sure whether this amp is powerful enough.

2) Yamaha A-S701 (649€ / +-555£ / +-705$)
I know for a fact this amp provides enough power for the speakers.
What's holding me back a bit are some reviews complaining about the 'flat' sound, and the 'not really' qualitative phone stage.

Which amp is your preference for this setup? Does anyone has experience with either of them?
Are there other alternatives within this price range that you would consider?

Thanks in advance for the valuable feedback!



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